Behind the scenes of how Open Government Products used technology to enable COVID-19 vaccinations in Singapore

Chan Chi Ling, Deputy Director and Head of Ops-Tech

Kevan Tan, Software Engineer

Sarah Espaldon, Marketing & Operations Manager


In late December 2020, Singapore commenced its first nation-wide vaccination rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. Amidst vaccine supply uncertainty, there was a need to match supply and demand of vaccines for different population segments with precision across more than 80 vaccination centres island-wide. …

Antariksh is a Software Engineer who graduated from Stanford University in 2018 and has been working at OGP for 1 ½ years. We had a short chat with Antariksh to find out how his experience working as a Software Engineer in OGP has been.

Briefly introduce yourself (Role in OGP, Projects you’ve worked on and share a fun fact of yourself)

I’m Antariksh and I am a software engineer. I’ve been in OGP for about 1 ½ years, and I have been working on FormSG since I started. …

Ahmed is a NUS Year 4 Computer Science Student, currently on a 6-months internship at Open Government Products. Today, we sat down with Ahmed to check-in with him on how his internship experience has been so far.

Hi Ahmed! Could you share with us more about yourself?

Hi, my name is Ahmed, an NUS computer science major, currently going into my final year. I’m a software engineering intern at Open Government Products, and I am working on PaySG and RedeemSG.

So, what made you join OGP initially?

It was the company’s mission of working for public good, and the belief…

Yuanruo Liang, Senior Software Engineer


FormSG is a form manager widely used in the Singapore public service to launch online applications and securely collect sensitive data from citizens and businesses. Since its launch in Dec 2017, FormSG has digitalised over 60,000 government forms, transforming the workflows of over 70,000 public officers, and processed more than 100 million submissions in the process.

The landing page

In early iterations of the product, FormSG did not store form response data to limit the potential damage in case of a database breach. Instead, form responses were automatically forwarded as emails to public officers’ inboxes. …

Jess is a LASALLE Graduate who is currently pursuing a 6-month Product Design internship in OGP. Today, we sat down with Jess to hear more about her experiences being an intern at OGP and her learnings here.

Hi Jess! To start off, could you share with us more about yourself?

Hi, My name is Jessica, people call me Jess. I have just graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts and am currently interning in OGP as a product designer. I am working on two projects, which are Vault and the COVID-19 Vaccination Booking System. …

Daniel Khoo, Software Engineer

ScamShield is a mobile application by Open Government Products to block scam calls and SMS messages. In Part I, we covered how we developed the machine learning model. In Part II, we will discuss implementing call blocking and message filtering on the iOS application.


The ScamShield iOS application has 3 main features: the blocking of scam calls, the filtering of scam SMS messages, and an in-app scam reporting function. …

Ng Wing Yiu, Data Scientist

ScamShield is a mobile application developed by Open Government Products to block scam calls and SMSes. This article is Part I of a series, about how we built the model that powers ScamShield’s message filtering function. Part II covers the mobile application.


Example of a scam message filtered by ScamShield

Have you ever received an SMS message asking you to take a loan or to participate in online gambling? Most likely, it was an attempt to scam you. Based on crime statistics published by the Singapore Police Force, the total number of scam cases reported increased by 53.1% from 2018 to 2019 with…

Software has characteristics that make it hard to build with traditional management techniques; effective development requires a different, more exploratory and iterative approach.

Written by Li Hongyi, first published here.

Why Bad Software Happens to Good People

Bad software is one of the few things in the world you cannot solve with money. Billion-dollar airlines have flight search apps that are often inferior to those built by groups of students. Established taxi companies the world over have terrible booking apps despite the threat they face from ride-sharing services. And painful corporate IT systems are usually projects with massive budgets, built over the course of many years. Whatever the cause of bad software is, it does not seem to be a lack of funding.

Surprisingly, the root cause of bad software…

written by
Leonard Loo, Product Manager
Yuanruo Liang, Software Engineer

*Update: Ticket applications for NDP 2019 have closed. Do read on to learn how FormSG powered NDP applications this year.

Our landing page at

Here at the Open Government Products (OGP) division in GovTech, we are committed to building technology for the public good in support of Smart Nation. Two of our department’s products are powering this year’s National Day Parade ticket applications.

The first is FormSG, our solution for digitising paper forms across the government. …

Yuanruo Liang, Software Engineer

This article is about the engineering behind Reroute, the bus planning simulator built by GovTech Open Data Products to improve the public transport system. If you haven’t, check out Part I here and Part II here.

Using Managed Services for Big Data

Reroute is designed to use one month of farecard data for each simulation to ensure accurate calculations. The number of ez-link transactions per month is approximately 190 million records, or about 20GB when uncompressed.

To process the dataset, the team simply uploaded it to AWS S3 and subscribed to the Databricks Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to obtain a working Spark cluster. …

Open Government Products

We are Open Government Products, an experimental division of the Government Technology Agency of Singapore. We build technology for the public good.

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