Daniel Khoo, Software Engineer

ScamShield is a mobile application by Open Government Products to block scam calls and SMS messages. In Part I, we covered how we developed the machine learning model. In Part II, we will discuss implementing call blocking and message filtering on the iOS application.


The ScamShield iOS application has 3 main features: the blocking of scam calls, the filtering of scam SMS messages, and an in-app scam reporting function. …

Ng Wing Yiu, Data Scientist

ScamShield is a mobile application developed by Open Government Products to block scam calls and SMSes. This article is Part I of a series, about how we built the model that powers ScamShield’s message filtering function. Part II covers the mobile application.


Example of a scam message filtered by ScamShield

Have you ever received an SMS message asking you to take a loan or to participate in online gambling? Most likely, it was an attempt to scam you. Based on crime statistics published by the Singapore Police Force, the total number of scam cases reported increased by 53.1% from 2018 to 2019 with…

Software has characteristics that make it hard to build with traditional management techniques; effective development requires a different, more exploratory and iterative approach.

Written by Li Hongyi, first published here.

Why Bad Software Happens to Good People

Bad software is one of the few things in the world you cannot solve with money. Billion-dollar airlines have flight search apps that are often inferior to those built by groups of students. Established taxi companies the world over have terrible booking apps despite the threat they face from ride-sharing services. And painful corporate IT systems are usually projects with massive budgets, built over the course of many years. Whatever the cause of bad software is, it does not seem to be a lack of funding.

Surprisingly, the root cause of bad software…

written by
Leonard Loo, Product Manager
Yuanruo Liang, Software Engineer

*Update: Ticket applications for NDP 2019 have closed. Do read on to learn how FormSG powered NDP applications this year.

Our landing page at ndp.form.gov.sg

Here at the Open Government Products (OGP) division in GovTech, we are committed to building technology for the public good in support of Smart Nation. Two of our department’s products are powering this year’s National Day Parade ticket applications.

The first is FormSG, our solution for digitising paper forms across the government. …

Yuanruo Liang, Software Engineer

This article is about the engineering behind Reroute, the bus planning simulator built by GovTech Open Data Products to improve the public transport system. If you haven’t, check out Part I here and Part II here.

Using Managed Services for Big Data

Reroute is designed to use one month of farecard data for each simulation to ensure accurate calculations. The number of ez-link transactions per month is approximately 190 million records, or about 20GB when uncompressed.

To process the dataset, the team simply uploaded it to AWS S3 and subscribed to the Databricks Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to obtain a working Spark cluster. …

Yuanruo Liang, Software Engineer
Ng Wing Yiu, Associate Data Scientist

This article is about the data science algorithms behind Reroute, the bus planning simulator built by GovTech Open Data Products to improve the public transport system. If you haven’t, check out Part I here.

Transport models are a systematic representation of complex real-world choices. There are plenty of methods in the literature to represent and model a public transport network, such as agent-based models, the classical four-step model, and graph models.

Our team decided to use a directed graph model, as it conferred significant advantages over other methods for modelling…

Yuanruo Liang, Software Engineer
Joanne Chiew, Product Manager

This article is about Reroute, the bus planning simulator built by GovTech Open Data Products to help transport planners improve the public transport system. To read about the algorithms and engineering behind Reroute, check out Part II here and Part III here.

Bus Route Planning

Public transport remains the primary mode of travel in Singapore, serving approximately 7 million rides daily, of which 4 million rides are on public buses. An efficient and well-planned public bus network can save time for commuters.

Bus route planning is vital as Singapore develops, adapts and expands — when…

Engineering and Copywriting: Alwyn Tan, Senior Software Engineer

tl;dr — “We have written a SAML2 service that pretends to be SingPass/CorpPass to help developers. Find it on npm!”

SingPass and CorpPass allow citizens and companies to use a single account to access most electronic services from the government. However, not much has been written publicly about its technical aspects, and outside the realm of IT for government, there is little to no reference implementations available to study, re-use or build around.

This article will outline the significant aspects of SingPass/CorpPass (SPCP) that define its workflow with applications that depend on…

Engineering: Arshad Ali, Software Engineer
Copywriting: Alwyn Tan, Senior Software Engineer

We have recently implemented and released an npm package so that node.js applications can use SingPass and CorpPass for authentication. spcp-auth-client was created from code refactored out of FormSG, and released as open-source, so that other developers might freely benefit from it, and work together on improvements.


A while ago, FormSG added a feature that allowed people to use SingPass to identify themselves when filling up forms. This has been incredibly helpful to ensure submitted responses are legitimate (examples include the Ministry of Manpower’s form for reporting workplace violations).

Engineering: Chris Sng, Joel Choo, Preston Lim and Liwei, Copywriting: Preston Lim

tl;dr: We created a proof-of-concept for real-time MRT train location tracking system by putting Raspberry Pis (a simple IoT device) underneath seats in trains.

traintraintrain is a proof-of-concept project that allows commuters to track their MRT train locations in real-time from anywhere. If you’re interested in finding out more about this project and how it tracks MRT trains, read on.

Our team embarked on this project in January during our team’s hackathon. We began with the following problem statement: how can we give real-time MRT train location data to commuters without interfering with train operating systems?

In this post, we start off by describing how the project was incepted and showing some…

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