Why I Returned to the Public Sector After Being in an MNC

Sarah’s beginning in OGP

Prior to joining OGP, Sarah worked as a graphic designer for five years in various creative agencies. When UI/UX first became popular in the industry, she decided to pursue a career switch and joined the team as a product designer in 2015.

Sarah and the team conducting user interviews for Homer during the early days of Covid-19.

Exploring Beyond OGP’s Startup Culture

Prior to joining OGP, Sarah had never worked in an MNC. After working on the team for five years, the thought of exploring a career in an MNC crossed her mind. She was curious to find out how it would differ from her experience in OGP and wanted to seek further mentorship in a company with larger design teams.

Sarah and the Design team at her farewell party.
Sarah and her team at her new company.

Sarah’s Return to OGP

After six months, Sarah decided to leave the company. She took a 4-months sabbatical and spent the time resting, learning new things, and mentoring a design student.

Sarah conducting on-the-ground usability testing.

Sarah’s Advice & Takeaways

Sarah shared with us her takeaways and advice for anyone deciding between the private and public sectors.



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